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The Tigers were formed in 1966 and broke up in 1971.

The Tigers Romance In The Milky Way / Flower Necklace 45rpm 5 of 15 ザ・タイガース

The Tigers Romance In The Milky Way / Flower Necklace
Review by Leonardo flores

1968 was not the year of the monkey as previous thought but the year of The Tigers. Not only would The Tigers have five singles released that year, but two albums and their first feature length film The World is Waiting For Us would also contribute to their already legendary catalog.The Tigers Romance In The Milky Way / Flower Necklace would be the double sided hit single for both the LP and the film.

tigersmilkyway copy.jpg

The Tigers Love Only For You / Story of The Falling Leaves 45rpm 4 of 15 ザ・タイガース

The Tigers Love Only For You / Story Of The Falling Leaves 4 of 15
By Leonardo Flores

1968 was the watershed year for The Tigers. After the release of three highly successful singles and a live album, Polydor was ready to invest more into the group for the coming year of 1968. The release of a solid and energetic rock record of Love Only For You on January 5th 1968 near the opening of the year would propel the group off to a good start with a number 2 record on the just established Oricon music charts.

tigerssleeve4 copy.jpg

The Tigers Mona Liza's Smile/ Red Jacket 8/1967 3 of 15 ザ・タイガース

The Tigers Mona Liza's Smile/ Red Jacket
By Leonardo Flores

By the time The Tigers’ third single, Mona Liza’s Smile/Red Jacket (モナリザの微笑/真赤なジャケット Polydor SD-2011) was released on August 15th 1967 The Tigers were one of the biggest acts of the Japanese Group Sounds boom. Mona Liza’s Smile would be their third and last single for 1967 and a signal to what was to become their most prolific year of 1968.

tigersmonalisasleeve copy.jpg

The Tigers Seaside Bound / Prince In The Heaven 5/1967 2 of 15 ザ・タイガース

The Tigers Seaside Bound / Prince In Heaven
By Leonardo Flores

On February 5th 1967 The Tigers released their debut single Boku No Mary (My Mary) / Let Me See You Baby on Polydor records. Although it was a well written and performed song it was not the huge hit that was expected for the group. All that would change with the release of their second single, Seaside Bound / Prince in The Heaven シーサイド・バウンド/星のプリンス and the accompanying wild dance steps called “Bound” that gave The Tigers the breakthrough success that they have been working towards for over four years.

tigers seaside cover copy.jpg

The Tigers My Mary / Let Me See You Baby debut single 1967 ザ・タイガース

The Tigers My Mary/Let Me See You Baby by Leonardo Flores

When people bring up Groups Sounds in conversation The Tigers are usually one of the first groups that come to mind. Although there might have been better musically agile groups, The Tigers seem to capture the spirit of GS on an international and historical level like no other group besides The Spiders. Perhaps it was the good looks of the group that Polydor's marketing exploited, or the enigmatic persona of lead singer Julie aka Kenji Sawada or the playful nicknames of the group members, or the melodic and dramatic pop records they recorded, The Tigers place in Japanese pop music and culture have been firmly established.

tigersmymarysmall copy.jpg